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Shouting to the Masses

X-Static Music Group is a full-service public relations and music management agency focused exclusively on promoting artists, labels, events, and venues in the the electronic dance music community.

We work with well-positioned brands and we work with those just emerging, full of potential. With a foundation going back to the early 90's, we've seen a thing or two in the dance music scene.

XMG provides people and brands with engaging and compelling content, direction, and publicity through a toolbox full of tried and true methods.

but wait...

We're Also Highly Active Listeners

While most people associate Publicity and Public Relations with messages going outbound, in an effort to tell a story or get their clients' message out...

It is equally important, if not more, to be an active listener.

When we engage a client, we immerse ourselves in every corner of every possible place where their target audience may be hanging out. And we listen... We listen to what is being said and how it is being discussed. This gives us an advantage in that we take what we "hear" and use that data to then craft our outbound campaigns.


it's at the core of most everything we do...

Publicity is just one component of great public relations, we'd love you to dive deeper with us to explore all the areas we can help you, in regards to public relations.


it's all about the resources and the experience...

From crisis management, to relationship management, to campaign management, and beyond... there are many facets to be managed in the success of our clients.

Creative Direction

process of visual communication

From digital media, to artist imaging, to project artwork, and beyond; we have the expertise and desire to help make you and your project look as fantastic as possible, through our creative direction.

Music Promotion

creating and launching brands

Not to sound cliché but at the end of the day, it's all about promoting the music. Whether we're working with an artist client, a label client, or an event client; ultimately the music and how we're connecting it between you and the world, is what it's all about.


Meet Up

First we meet, to make sure we're a fantastic fit for you and you are a fantastic fit for us as well.



If we're a great fit, next we deep dive with you to pull out all the inner-genius to be used later ;)



After our brain-drain, we go hard-in-the-paint on putting together a solid strategy.

Tooting Our Horn Is Not Beneath Us