So you have music that you've completed and are ready to release to your fans...

We can help with that!

To maximize the overall success of single, remix, EP and/or album release, we work with you on your release strategy. This includes determining the scope and scale of the release. Some agencies always try to conduct a global release of a project but sometimes it makes more sense to release on smaller scales.

If you are a new artist, with little publicity and digital fanbase, it might make more sense to release your first project on a regional scale, so that you have a better chance of success for the release. For example, if you set out on a global release without the proper image positioning and fanbase, you might only get a small response. However, a smaller, more regional releases where you are a little better known, you would likely get a much bigger response and therefore will be able to show better numbers. Better numbers means more successful release. Successful releases get more positive publicity... See where we're going?

Planning well in advance of release dates is an integral component of the project's success. We combine many of the strategies from our Public Relations service, with our Music Release service in order to build buzz ahead of the release.

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