First Impressions Are Everything!

It is hard to believe, some of the packages we receive from (some) artists. We have gotten demo packages that included a bare CD (no jewel case) and marked with a Sharpie; and a bio hand-written on a piece of notebook paper, no let me specify... notebook paper from a spiral notebook, without even tearing off "the fringe" from the page!

Be Professional!

Okay, first things first... The most basic thing to understand here is this: if you don't take yourself seriously, you should absolutely not think that anyone else is going to either. If you cannot spend $10 at Office Depot getting a jewel case for your CD; printing off a nice bio/one-sheet about yourself; print a CD label and stow the sharpie; and have a decent picture of yourself... Music industry professionals are not going to give you the time of day.

Be respectful!

This one blows us away... More than a few times, we have been approached like this:
"Yo dawg, you gotta check my shit, it is straight fiya and is no doubt the next hotness!"

Would you seriously go to a job interview and speak to a potential employer like that?! Well, we would hope you wouldn't. When you have been lucky enough to get contact for a industry professional, give them the respect they've earned. And if you do actually spend a couple bucks on your demo package, don't waste your money by having them throw it straight in the garbage because you speak to them like you talk to "your boyz".