We are X-Static about helping you with your Music Career!

Artist Development

We believe that there are many talented artists out there that would otherwise be completely overlooked by the larger music companies, simply because they cannot demonstrate that they have sold "X" number of records on their own.

We have very talented people in our group, that know how to work with raw talent and give direction in all aspects of an upcoming artist's career.

Whether you are just starting out and have nothing but your raw talent and a dream, or whether you just need direction on style or image or collaboration with some of our resources, we can help develop your artistic career!

Artist Management

Management is at the core of what we do. Whether it is the personal management of an artist's career or managing bookings and live performances or handling PR for an artist, it is where we started and what we do best.

An artist, while needing to have some basic knowledge of the business side of the music business, needs to be able to focus on what they do best...

We use our skills of negotiation; our years of experience in making business decisions; our connections to other industry professionals; and our reputation among our peers, to offer professional management of your career!

Booking & Tour Support

Handling bookings and managing a tour is no small task, even at the lowest level, it is normally not something that an artist wants to do. That's where we come in! We help coordinate, plan and execute your gigs!

We take the pressure off of you, as the artist, to negotiate for what is a fair price for your performances. Promoters normally reat differently to a manager...

Have something larger in mind? We can handle that too... We can help you plan, organize and execute an entire tour, whether on a regional, national or international level.

Branding & Marketing

Branding and Marketing is often overlooked early on in an artist's career simply because the artist doesn't know much about it or doesn't think it is too important in the beginning of their career. On the contrary!

Branding/Imaging needs to be a forethought rather than an afterthought. While your focus is obviously on your music, how the public perceives you is also important.

We help create, develop and market your brand from inception, to hand-off to our Public Relations team, so that they can take the brand that we help you develop and exploit that brand to it's full extent!

Public Relations

Public Relations is an area where having an agency represent you is critical. This is an industry that is just not suited for an artist to handle on their own. Public Relations is 90% about relationships.

People often confuse Public Relations and Publicity. While they are relveant to each other, they are not the same thing. Publicity is merely one type of Public Relations.

Public Relations picks up where branding/imaging hands-off... Once the image of the artist has been established, Public Relations shapes that image and controls how it is received by the eyes of the public.

Web Presence

As we all know, the music business has been impacted intensely by the Internet and without a proper web presence, it is hard to be taken serious these days.

With the collaboration of our sister company (X-Static Media Group), we can consult and provide a killer web presence to our artists!

From official website to social media branding and account management, we can help make the Internet work for you and your career. We have professional designers and developers at our disposal, to make you look legit!