Summertime Baby
Release Description

For a Tech House track, this one is a bit on the “deeper, groovier” side than some of her more recent releases. It just has that “summer time” feel to it. So to pay homage to the end of summer 2018, 
Summertime Baby is sure to get us through the upcoming cooler seasons.

With more than 30 releases to her name, ‘Summertime Baby’ definitely shows multiple facets of 
Jennifer’s style and history in her musical journey. She takes you on a summer stroll through House, Techno, Deep House, and even a hint of Tribal House. 

“I usually don’t start a track with any real direction other than whether it’s going to be a Techno or a Tech House track” explains Jennifer Marley. “I usually just let things flow and see where it goes and this one has a soft vocal element, that just adds that little extra niceness to it”.

Jennifer has dropped Summertime Baby into her mix a couple times while performing live and the response has been very positive.  Look for it on all platforms, worldwide on October 5, 2018.

Track List
  1. Summertime Baby
Release Details
  • Release Date: October 05, 2018
  • Catalog #: XR-2018-10-05